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British Citizenship Test

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Use this free practice test to help you study and prepare for the British citizenship test while answering our carefully created questions. We include a host of useful links to creditable sources of information.

  • Like the real test
  • All questions are taken from the official ‘Life in the United Kingdom – A Guide for New Residents’ Handbook.
  • Take this free citizenship test to check how well-prepared you are for the real test.
  • Take one practice test or ten. They’re all FREE!

At, we want you to be able to face your UK citizenship exam with assured confidence in your own abilities and knowledge.


Our practice quiz is composed of ten sections:

  • The values and principles of the UK
  • What is the UK?
  • A long and illustrious history
  • The Tudors and Stuarts
  • A Global Power
  • The 20th century
  • Britain since 1945
  • A modern, thriving society
  • The UK Government, the Law, and Your Role
  • Your role in the community

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We are acclaimed pioneers in offering professional FREE guidance and have helped hundreds of candidates sitting for UK Citizenship and are now happily settled in the UK. Benefits of our Life in the UK practice test include, but are not limited to:

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Is the British Citizenship Test Practice Enough To Pass the UK Citizenship Exam?

The British Citizenship Exam is taken when one wishes to become a permanent resident in the United Kingdom. Every person who wishes to become a citizen of the UK must pass a mandatory test and have a language qualification in English at B1 CEFR or its equivalent. The Test is also referred to as the Life in the UK test, and it is a mandatory assessment of British Geography, culture, history, and politics.

We offer complete practice tests so you can be well prepared for the British Citizenship test.

The test consists of 10 separate sections, and each section has 20 to 50 UK citizenship test example questions. The questions vary in difficulty. It is important to note that this is not the actual British Citizenship test, but the questions are designed to help you build your knowledge and efficiently prepare for the real test. Passing the Life in the UK test  is the main requirement to enable you to settle anywhere in the UK.

To pass this test, you must go through the official ‘Life in the United Kingdom – A Guide for New Residents’ Handbook and have a clear understanding of it. At the same time, you should also be familiar with British values.


What is a UK Citizenship Test Practice, and What Can It Do For Me?

A UK Citizenship test practice is an assessment done in readiness for the UK Citizenship exam. The test practice helps aspiring British Citizens gain knowledge of life in Britain and test their English language proficiency. Some settlement applicants are exempted from the Knowledge of English and life in the UK test, but all citizen applicants are required to pass the test to become naturalized citizens of the UK.

Why is the UK Citizenship Test Questions and Answers Important As You Prepare For The UK Citizenship Exam?

Life in the UK test is important as it helps you get acquainted with the kind of questions you should expect regarding the questions, how they are set, and how to answer them. The practice test is similar to the official Test in Terms of format, number of questions, and questioning scope, so it is more or less the same. The practice test helps you identify areas where you need to polish up so that your first attempt at the UK citizenship exam is a success. Anyone between the age of eighteen and sixty-five is eligible for this Test, and upon passing, they are granted eligibility for British citizenship. The best part is the British citizenship English test practice is absolutely free so you can take as many as you need to feel ready.