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What is the UK Citizenship Test?

This test is a simple computer test that has 24 questions on it. It is designed to show how much knowledge you have of Britain and its history, life, and culture. But be wary, the questions are not all as you may think and there can be some fairly difficult questions to answer.

For example, one question might be how tall is Big Ben? Who built the Tower of London and who is Queen Elizabeth married to? You will need to do some study on British trivia to be sure you can pass the test.

Why Undertaking A Practice Test Is Important

Citizenship TestJust like it is with any test you have to take. Doing a practice UK Citizenship test is vital to your success. Even if you hate tests a practice one helps you get over your nerves and fears and let you know you can pass the test.

Here are some basic reasons why taking a practice tests is important:

  1. The test shows your weak areas and lets you know where you need to study
  2. The test shows what subjects you have not mastered
  3. The test will help you overcome any fear and anxiety you have
  4. The test can help provide you with confidence
  5. The test helps you see the tone and nature of the questions so you can prepare your answers better
  6. The test helps you learn the material and get you ready for the real exam
  7. The test helps you gather your materials so you do not accidentally violate any testing rules
  8. The test helps you relax as you see how much you have already learned

The key is not to go in cold even with the UK Citizenship test. Once you see the practice questions you will see what kinds of information you need to study. The key is to be careful as you may know the answer but change your mind because another answer looks better.

That would cause you to make a simple mistake and miss out on passing the test.

What Does The British Citizenship Test Involve

This test was constructed and implemented in 2005 for naturalization. It was used starting in 2007 for settlement reasons. For the majority of the world, the test is designed to see the English proficiency of the exam taker.

If you happen to be a Scottish Gaelic speaking Canadian or a Welsh speaking Argentinian then you can make arrangements to have the test given to you in those languages.

Also, the test is made so that the person trying for citizenship has enough knowledge of British life, culture and history. These categories are covered through questions on British values, traditions and everyday British life.

Once you are in one of the 60 exam centers located throughout the Kingdom, you have 45 minutes to answer all 24 questions. When you register, you can choose the time and location that is most convenient for you.

Registration should take place no less than 7 days in advance of the test and you will need valid i.d., credit or debit card, valid e-mail address and your home address. In addition if you need any special arrangements to take the test, you need to inform the registration center at the time of your booking your test time.

The cost is 50 BP and you can call 0800 015 4245 if you have any questions. Before you book your test time you should have studied the 3rd edition “Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents Handbook. That is the book the test questions are based on.

Don’t worry there are only 6 chapters to the book.

Who Can Take The Life in the UK Test

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to take the test. They must be applying for permanent residency or citizenship. If they are going to take the test the residency requirement for permanent resident status is 5 years.

You cannot leave the country over that time span for more than 450 days and only 90 of those days can be in the most recent year prior to taking the test. For those marrying a Brit, you need to have a 3 year residency immediately prior to taking the test and only 270 days can be spent outside the country.

The same 90 day limit applies here as well. Also, those people who have not broken any immigration laws during their residency in the Kingdom are allowed to take the test. You can meet the requirements but if you have broken an immigration law you won’t be allowed to take the test.

There is no restriction on gender, religious beliefs, or physical condition. To register for your test, just click the following link and you should be taken right to the registration center.

Just follow instructions and you should do okay. Then for your information and to warn you not to take the test lightly, the pass rate since 2005 and 2007 has been at a low 71%. That is with almost 1,000,000 people taking the test.

The people who did best were from Canada, Australia, The US & New Zealand with a 95% pass rate. Once you have completed the test you will not be told your true score. All you will get is a notification telling you that you have passed and you need to sign that notice.

Those that do not pass, will be told the areas that they need to work on to improve their score. There is no limit as to how many times you can take the test,just don’t be caught cheating or committing fraud.

For Free UK Citizenship Test Practice, Go To

Getting a little practice in is a very good thing. That is why you should take a few practice tests before taking the real one. Not only do you get to see your weak areas of British knowledge, you get over your nerves as well.

The website in the title says it has a free practice test but navigation to it may be a little difficult. Expect to take a little time to figure you where you need to go. The good news is that there are other places online where you can get access to free practice tests

Here is one such alternative, and this website has many practice tests you can try to test your knowledge.

This website has approx. 500 test questions that you can take and 39 different tests to try your luck on. 

Finally, this website offers you unlimited chances to get the test right when you feel you are ready to test your knowledge and luck. The button for the tests are in the upper right hand corner of the landing page.

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