Our Simulation Tests replicate precisely the format of the real official UK citizenship test. They draw questions from every chapter, and they are timed. Exact same format as the official test.

The Law

An accused person will usually be tried in a Youth Court in England, Wales and Northern Ireland if they are aged between 10 and…?

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Every British system must obey the law except…?

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Which of these drugs is legal in the UK?

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Police officers must obey the law...?

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Which of these does civil law cover?

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If you need legal advice, your best first step is to go to a…?

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How many people serve on a jury in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

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If a UK citizen knows a crime is being or has been committed, they must…?

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Serious criminal offences in Scotland are heard in what sort of court?

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New UK citizens should be wary of…?

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The Scottish equivalent of a magistrates' court is what?

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How many people serve on a jury in Scotland?

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Magistrates are usually…?

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Where it is illegal to smoke tobacco in the UK?

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In England and Wales, civil claims for less than £10,000 are often heard in what sort of court?

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On what grounds can you be excused from jury service?

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Which of these weapons is it legal to carry in the UK?

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If a person is found guilty after trial, who decides their sentence?

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Most minor offences in England are dealt with by which courts?

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The term the judiciary refers to…?

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It is illegal to sell tobacco products in the UK to anyone under the age of…?

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The head of a police force in the UK is called a...?

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A PCSO is a type of what?

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Civil disputes are dealt with by what sort of court in England?

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What Is Required Of Me?

To be granted eligibility for the UK Citizenship test, you must be aged between 18 and 65. You should also have a basic knowledge of the English language. If you don’t have a good grasp of the English language or felt a need to improve your vocabulary, hiring an English teacher or attending an English class would be of great help.

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