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The Reformation in Scotland and Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots spent most of her childhood in which country?

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When Mary Queen of Scots fled to England, she gave up her throne to her son…?

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Elizabeth eventually had Mary Queen of Scots executed for…?

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In the Reformation era Scotland had become strongly…?

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When Elizabeth was Queen of England, Mary Stuart was queen of…?

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What happens if your home country doesn't allow dual citizenship?

If your home country doesn’t allow you to keep your current passport and nationality and you still want to apply for British citizenship, You might:

  • Require a visa to visit your country
  • Not be permitted to move back
  • Not be allowed to own property back home

Note: Although many countries permit their citizens to have dual citizenship, if your country doesn’t allow, you might be unable to get your home nationality back later, even if you’re ready to give up British citizenship.