Our Simulation Tests replicate precisely the format of the real official UK citizenship test. They draw questions from every chapter, and they are timed. Exact same format as the official test.

Fundamental principles

Female circumcision is permitted in the UK…?

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The minimum age to drive a car in the UK is what?

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Which of these forms of income are not taxable in the UK?

Question 3 of 16

On which of these grounds can a person expect unequal treatment in the UK?

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It is a criminal offence in the UK to drive a car without…?

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What is the minimum age to ride a moped in the UK?

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Your contribution to the NHS and other state benefits is made through…?

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Violence is tolerated in the UK…?

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British citizens have a right to…?

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In Northern Ireland, for a year after you have passed your driving test you must display a plate with what letter on it?

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How long can you drive in the UK on a licence from a non-EU country before you must get a full UK driving licence?

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Which sort of marriage is not permitted in the UK?

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British citizens must apply for a new driving licence every three years once they are over what age?

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Many of the rights of British citizens are incorporated in what?

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Vehicles in the UK must be tested by the Ministry of Transport every year once they are over what age?

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British citizens are allocated a National Insurance number just before which birthday?

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Basic computer knowledge is a requirement

Basic computer knowledge is another requirement that you should have since the UK Citizenship Test is computer-based. Ensure you’re conversant with typing, browsing, how to use the mouse, and other basic operations. For assistance, you can contact your local test center if you have no computer knowladge, and they’ll gladly assist you.

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