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The Church of Scotland follows which Christian order?

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In the UK, Easter falls in which months?

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Which of these UK cities is famous for its Diwali celebrations?

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The Diwali festival in October or November is celebrated by which religious groups?

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What event takes place on October 31 each year?

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The day that Lent begins is known as what Wednesday?

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The Hanukkah Festival in November or December is a celebration of which religion?

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The day before Lent begins, many people in the UK traditionally eat what?

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Valentine's Day falls on which date each year?

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What percentage of UK citizens identify themselves as Muslim?

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Which saint's day falls on March 17?

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Which is the biggest Christian denomination in England outside the Church of England?

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Public holidays in the UK, religious or otherwise, are known as what?

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In which country of the UK is New Year's Eve sometimes a bigger celebration than Christmas?

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Historically, the UK is a what country?

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For the Ramadan celebration, Muslims must fast for…?

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Which saint's day falls on March 1?

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The Sikh Festival of Vaisakhi falls on what date?

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What percentage of UK citizens say they have no religion?

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What do people in the UK call the day after Christmas day?

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Lent, the period before Easter, lasts for how many days?

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Bonfire night celebrates the failure of a plan by a group of Catholics to blow up what?

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To commemorate the war dead, people in the UK wear what?

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The commemoration of the war dead of the UK and its allies on November 11 is known as what?

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How many public holidays are there in the Easter period in the UK?

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The day on which Christians mark the crucifixion of Jesus is known as what?

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Christmas Day is celebrated in the UK on what day of the year?

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What percentage of people in the UK define themselves as Christians?

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Who is the head of the Church of England?

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Which Saint's day falls on April 23?

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How many weeks before Easter is Mothering Sunday?

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