We have created this practice test to help you prepare for the UK Citizenship Test.

This Life in the UK sample test consists of over 600 multiple choice questions derived from the book ‘Life in the United Kingdom – A Guide for New Residents’, on which the test is based.


The Middle Ages - War at home and abroad

In the north of Scotland and in Ireland during the Middle Ages, land was mostly owned by who?

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The Hundred Years War in the Middle Ages actually lasted how long?

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The Scottish leader who defeated the English at Bannockburn was…?

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Following the Norman conquest, Britain experienced almost constant…?

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In what year was Wales annexed to the English crown?

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Which English King led the English army at the Battle of Agincourt?

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The majority of peasants in England in the Middle Ages were…?

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Which English King was responsible for annexing Wales?

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Under the feudal system, lords received land from the king in return for…?

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In the Middle Ages, the English controlled an area of Ireland around Dublin that was called what?

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The Scottish repelled an English invasion at the battle of Bannockburn in which year?

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In 1415, the English army defeated the French at the battle of…?

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English had pretty much abandoned their claims to land in France by which decade?

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In the Middle Ages, many English Kings and knights went to fight for control of the Holy Land, in what were called...?

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Life in the UK Sample Test Questions & Answers

  • Q: What type of event is the Grand National?
  • A: Horse racing. This event takes place every year in Liverpool.
  • Q: The town of Fort William is located where?
  • A: Fort William is a widely popular tourist town in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Q: Where did Henry VIII have his former wife Anne Boleyn executed?
  • A: Tower of London.
  • Q: How old must a person be to serve on a jury in the UK?
  • A: 18, considered the age of majority in the United Kingdom.
  • Q: What is the national flower of Whales?
  • A: The daffodil, also known as Peter’s fleek in Whales.
  • Q: The Bayeux Tapestry commemorates which major event in English history?
  • A: The Battle of Hastings, fought in 1066.
  • Q: Who is the patron saint of Scotland?
  • A: St. Andrew
  • Q: As a British citizen, which of the below is one of your responsibilities?
  • A: To obey and respect the law.

If you fared well on these sample questions, chances are you have a good shot at passing the Life in the UK Test. Be sure to follow all directions to book your test and utilize the handbook to keep studying before heading in.