Tens of thousands of people apply to be British citizens every year. While most of the applications succeed, many are refused for various reasons, including for failure to pass the citizenship test.

The Industrial Revolution

Which of these individuals played an important part in abolishing the slave trade?

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The majority of captured slaves were forced to work on plantations producing what?

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Richard Arkwright is particularly remembered for his development of machines used in which industry?

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The slave trade was based on capturing slaves mainly from…?

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The industrial revolution caused many people to move from…?

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The industrial revolution took place in Britain in which centuries?

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The first anti-slavery groups were established by members of which religious group in Britain?

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What process of mass-producing steel led to the development of the shipbuilding industry and railways?

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Working conditions in the Industrial Revolution were frequently…?

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The industrial revolution encouraged the transportation of goods by what?

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Using British ships or British ports for slavery was banned in which year?

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Before the 18th century, what was the biggest source of employment in Britain?

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Slaves captured by British ships were mainly forced to work in…?

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Sake Dean Mahomet opened Britain’s first what in London in 1810?

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Much of Britain’s colonial expansion was based on what?

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At the time of the Industrial Revolution, Britain was also increasing…?

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After the passing of the Emancipation Act, 2 million workers were employed to replace freed slaves. What countries did they mainly come from?

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In which year did the Emancipation Act abolish slavery throughout the British Empire?

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