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The Romans

Why did the Romans abandon Britain?

Question 1 of 11

In what year did the Roman army leave Britain?

Question 2 of 11

The ancient Scottish peoples who fought the Romans were called the…?

Question 3 of 11

The Roman occupation of Britain lasted for how many years?

Question 4 of 11

The first successful Roman invasion of Britain was in which year?

Question 5 of 11

When did the Romans, under Julius Caesar, first try to invade Britain?

Question 6 of 11

The first successful Roman invasion of Britain was led by which Emperor?

Question 7 of 11

The first Christian communities began to appear in Britain in what century?

Question 8 of 11

Which Roman Emperor build a wall in the north of England to protect Roman lands?

Question 9 of 11

Boudicca fought the Roman invaders at the head of which tribe?

Question 10 of 11

Which London bridge has a statue of Boudicca?

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Is British citizenship for life?

Many people expressing an interest in British Citizenship assume that nationality is for life, and, once it is granted, it cannot be undone. However, this isn’t the case. Your British nationality can be revoked if:

  • You apply for another nationality without caring to apply for dual citizenship or if the other country does not allow you to have dual nationality
  • The Home Office may revoke your British nationality on certain specified grounds. For example, if you’ve acquired your British Citizenship through deception or it’s decided that revoking your British Citizenship is favorable to the public good.