If you want to become a citizen of the UK, you’ll first have to pass the official United Kingdom citizenship test. The written citizenship exam will test your knowledge of basic facts about the country’s history, political system and major events.

The Victorian Age

Between 1870 and 1914, around 120,000 Jews came to Britain to escape persecution, from which countries?

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In which country was the Boer War fought?

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Which of these women founded the Women’s Franchise League in 1889?

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Free trade was promoted in the Victorian era partly by the abolition of what laws in 1846?

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At its peak, how many people lived in the British Empire?

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How many people in Ireland died as a result of the famine?

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In the middle of the 19th century Ireland suffered a famine due to the failure of what crop?

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Which poem by Rudyard Kipling has frequently been voted one of the UK’s favourites?

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How many Irish people emigrated as a result of the famine?

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Women who fought for the right to vote were known as what?

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Women over 30 were allowed to vote and stand for Parliament in the UK in which year?

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Florence Nightingale is regarded as a pioneer in which area of medicine?

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In what year did British women finally get equal voting rights with men?

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Between 1853 and 1913, up to how many British citizens emigrated from Britain?

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The Boers were settlers from which European country?

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Britain fought the Crimean War between 1853 and…?

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Florence Nightingale was born in which European country?

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No married British woman had an automatic right to her earnings, property and money until what year?

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Which class expanded and became increasingly more significant during Victoria’s reign?

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How old was Queen Victoria when she became Queen of the UK?

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Which of these areas did not see significant British Empire expansion under Victoria?

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In which year did Queen Victoria come to the throne of the UK?

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In what year did Queen Victoria’s reign come to an end?

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The Boer War began in which year?

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In the 19th century, Britain produced what proportion of the world's iron, cotton and cloth?

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In what year was the Reform Act passed?

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The majority of British Empire countries given their independence have joined the…?

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Which bridge did Isambard Kingdom Brunel build in Bristol to span the Avon Gorge?

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In 1847, the number of hours that women and children could work was limited to how many hours per day?

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The Great Exhibition opened in London in which year?

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Which medal for valour was introduced during the Crimean War?

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The Great Exhibition’s Crystal Palace was located originally in which London park?

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London's Crystal Palace was built from...?

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel built the Great Western Railway, which runs to the south-west of England from which London station?

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Which of these Britons pioneered the railway engine?

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Britain’s allies in the Crimean War were…?

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The great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel came from which town in England?

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Who were Britain’s opponents in the Crimean War?

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