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James VI and I/Charles I

When James came to the throne, Ireland was almost completely…?

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Civil War broke out in England in what year?

Question 2 of 10

The supporters of the king in the Civil War were called…?

Question 3 of 10

In what year did Charles I recall Parliament to ask for funds?

Question 4 of 10

The supporters of Parliament during the Civil War were known as…?

Question 5 of 10

The settlements of Scottish and English Protestants in Ulster were known as…?

Question 6 of 10

Charles I eventually had to recall Parliament because of trouble in…?

Question 7 of 10

The group in Parliament who advocated simple religious doctrine and disagreed with Charles I were known as the…?

Question 8 of 10

James I and Charles I both believed they were directly appointed by God, which is known as...?

Question 9 of 10

For how long did Charles I attempt to rule without Parliament?

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What is British citizenship by naturalization?

Naturalisation is the legal process in which you can apply for UK Citizenship if you aren’t born in the UK. The process has changed over the years, but the end result has always been the same: successful applicants are granted equal legal rights and status as natural-born British citizens.

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