Anyone seeking to be a British citizens is required to pass a test before their application for citizenship is approved. Test your knowledge of the United Kingdom and see if you can pass the test.

Constitutional monarchy – the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights mandated that Britain's monarch must be what?

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Constituencies known as rotten boroughs where distinguished by having…?

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The Declaration of Rights was read out at William and Mary's...?

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After the Glorious Revolution, the main groups in parliament were…?

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From 1656 onwards, which group of people came back to live in Britain for the first time since the Middle Ages?

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The French refugees from religious persecution who came to settle in Britain around this time were the…?

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After the Glorious Revolution, Britain began to develop into a…?

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The Bill of Rights became law in which year?

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Under the Bill of Rights, a new Parliament had to be elected at least every…?

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From 1695, what were allowed to operate without a government license?

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A constituency controlled by a single wealthy family was called a what?

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The right to vote in Britain at the time of the Glorious Revolution was decided by…?

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Required Documents for the Test

To perform exemplarily in any test, you must be well prepared. Proper preparation entails having the required documents in place.

The reason why it is crucial to have the necessary documents in one place before enrolling for the test is to avoid last-minute disappointments. Irrespective of how prepared you are, you will be denied the chance to do the test if you can’t prove your identity.