If you want to become a citizen of the UK, you’ll first have to pass the official United Kingdom citizenship test. The written citizenship exam will test your knowledge of basic facts about the country’s history, political system and major events.

Britain since 1945

What was the slogan for the new benefit system in the 1940s?

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The 1960s in Britain are often called the ..........…? 60s.

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In the early 1970s, Britain admitted 28,000 people of Indian origin who had been forced to leave which African country?

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In what year did Britain go to war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands?

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From 2010 onwards, Britain was governed by a coalition government made up of members of which parties?

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What was the name of the Prime Minister who led the country from 1945 to 1951?

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The Turing machine, invented in Britain in the 1930s, was an early form of what?

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The benefits system introduced in the 1940s was known as…?

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To help rebuild Britain after World War II, workers from the West Indies, Pakistan, India and elsewhere were encouraged to…?

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Which of these was a well-known British pop music group of the 1960s?

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The report that establish the British welfare state was the…?

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The Education Act of 1944 which introduced free secondary education in England and Wales was often called what?

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In the 1960s Britain developed Concorde, a supersonic commercial airliner, with which European country?

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British author Roald Dahl's parents came from which European country?

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Sir Frank Whittle invented what in the 1930s?

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In what year was direct rule imposed on Northern Ireland?

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Which of these is a famous radio play written by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas?

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Britain's first female prime minister, elected in 1979, was…?

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What world changing invention was created by the Briton Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1990?

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In what year were India, Pakistan and Ceylon, amongst others, given independence?

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The structure of what was discovered by scientists in London and Cambridge in 1953?

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In what year was the National Health Service established?

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Northern Irish athlete Mary Peters won an Olympic gold medal in which athletic event in 1972?

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In 1945, the people of Britain elected a government from which party?

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In what year did Margaret Thatcher resign as prime minister?

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What was the organization formed by the UK and its allies to combat the perceived threat of invasion by the Soviet Union?

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Who was elected Labour prime minister in 1997?

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In what year did the UK join the EEC?

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The peace agreement signed in Northern Ireland in 1998 is known as the what Agreement?

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