Our Simulation Tests replicate precisely the format of the real official UK citizenship test. They draw questions from every chapter, and they are timed. Exact same format as the official test.

Values and responsibilities

Going door to door for a political party is known as what?

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Anybody can become a school governor, provided they are aged over…?

Question 2 of 20

Adult citizens of the UK are expected to help their family by...?

Question 3 of 20

You can help the environment by...?

Question 4 of 20

Which of these is a British animal charity?

Question 5 of 20

If you register as an organ donor, which of these body parts can help others after you die?

Question 6 of 20

Citizens of the UK are expected to do what with the rights of others?

Question 7 of 20

A good citizen of the UK treats everyone equally except…?

Question 8 of 20

One of the best things you can do for your local environment is...?

Question 9 of 20

Becoming a volunteer can help you…?

Question 10 of 20

Living people can donate which organ?

Question 11 of 20

Who can volunteer to help their local school?

Question 12 of 20

Everyone in the UK is expected to obey the law, and also to…?

Question 13 of 20

A respectful neighbour leaves their bins out…?

Question 14 of 20

Anyone can be called for jury service in England and Wales between the ages of…?

Question 15 of 20

Volunteers with the Police Force are called what?

Question 16 of 20

Which of these is a British charity related to children?

Question 17 of 20

16 and 17 year olds can enjoy outdoor activities with the...?

Question 18 of 20

You can help your local hospital by donating ...?

Question 19 of 20

Which of these British charities helps the homeless?

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