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British Democracy

An MP's responsibility is to…?

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The mid-19th century campaigners for electoral reform were called what?

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The British Constitution is ...?

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Who makes a speech at the opening of Parliament each year?

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How many members does the Welsh National Assembly have?

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Members of local authorities are selected by…?

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If you want to see a debate in the House of Commons, you can get tickets from…?

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To be eligible to vote in elections in the UK you must be on the…?

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Peers chosen to sit in the House of Lords only for their own lifetime are called...?

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Which of these is not an arm of the British government?

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What is the Prime Minister's country house called?

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New British citizens swear what to the Queen as part of the citizenship ceremony?

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Which of these may not stand for public office in the UK?

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The Cabinet usually consists of around how many ministers?

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The Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament have existed since…?

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In most local authorities, councillors are elected in which month?

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Which of these elements of the press must offer political balance?

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Members of Parliament have a duty to serve…?

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An MP who does not represent any of the main political parties is called what?

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Where is the prime minister's official home?

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Every MP in the UK is voted for by their…?

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What minimum age do you have to be to stand as an MP?

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Who is currently heir to the throne of the UK?

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Who chairs debates in the House of Commons?

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How many Members of the Scottish Parliament are there?

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The UK's system of government is a…?

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Queen Elizabeth has been reigning since which year?

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UK general elections must be held at least once every…?

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If an MP dies or resigns, what happens?

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Where is the Welsh government based?

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The few hereditary peers who still sit in the House of Lords are selected by…?

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Who is the head of state in the UK?

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The second largest party in the House of Commons is called the…?

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Where does the Northern Ireland Assembly sit?

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer is responsible for what?

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Which minister is responsible for policing?

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On election days, what time do polling stations open?

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Civil servants must be…?

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If one party in the UK does not get a majority in an election, they can join with another party in a…?

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