How To Know When You're Ready for the UK Citizenship Test

UK Test Common Q&A To become the U.K national through naturalization, you must pass the citizenship test. It could be a long process of formality especially if you’re not familiar with the rules. However, to make it simple, we’ve covered some of the most common questions and answers that applicants ask about the citizenship test. It’s important that you understand everything about the citizenship test so that you can prepare yourself in due time.

Q. Is Life in The U.K Test Different from The British Citizenship Test?
A. No. Life in the U.K test and British citizenship test is the same thing. It’s just that life in the U.K is the official name when referring to the British citizenship test.

Q. How Hard is Life in The U.K Test?
A. The answer to that is relative depending on your preparation. However, at least 70 percent of candidates pass the British citizenship test; according to a research project done by the University of Leicester. Some of the major reasons why people fail Life in the U.K test include poor English knowledge, lack of adequate preparation, and legal disqualification.
On the other hand, it’s possible to pass the British citizenship test on your first attempt. All it takes is to study the official guidebook, answer practice questions, and improve your English knowledge.

Q. What is The Official Handbook and How Do I Get It?
A. The official handbook is known as “Life in The United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents”. To get a copy of the handbook, you can visit the UK government website to get a copy. Although the book is not for free, you need to purchase it. After you buy it, you can have the physical copy or CD delivered to your address; or you can choose PDF, mp3, and eBook format which you can download to your smartphone or computer.
The handbook covers all the content that could be assessed in the U.K citizenship test. Additionally, you can purchase extra studying materials such as the Official Handbook for Practice Questions and Answers, The Official Study Guide, and a Practical Guide to Living in the U.K.

Q. Do You Need to Take a Language Test Before the Citizenship Test?
A. It depends. If you come from a country where English is the native language, you don’t need to sit for a language test before the citizenship test.
However, if you’re not from a listed English-speaking country, you must enroll in English language classes and possess a B1 level English test qualification from an accredited test centre. Another alternative would be to present evidence that you have a degree certificate that was taught in English.

Q. How Do I Pass the British Citizenship Test?
A. To achieve a pass mark, you need to correctly answer 18 out of the 24 questions; which is equivalent to 75%. Remember, you will have 45 minutes to answer all the questions and the answers will be in multiple choices.

Q. Where Is the Test Done?
A. There are at least 60 test centres in the U.K where you can choose to sit for the citizenship test. Once you arrive at the test centre, the exam is usually done on a computer that generates random questions based on the official study handbook.

Q. How Much Do You Pay to Book the Test?
A. The current cost to book Life in the U.K test is £50, although it can be revised by the U.K Visas and Immigration department. The test booking fee is non-refundable; if you fail the test or you get disqualified, you won’t be paid back the fees.
Besides that, you could incur other costs when making your application. For instance, you’re required to pay a naturalization processing fee of around £1282 after you’ve passed the citizenship test. Not to mention, you need to pay for other things such as the study materials and ceremony fees.

Q. How Do I Apply for The U.K Citizenship Test?
A. It’s easy. All you need to do is visit the U.K official government website and apply online. Don’t forget that you need identification documents, an email address, and a credit card to pay the test fees. If you’re disabled, you can submit a special request in your application.

Q. Do Children Need to Sit for the Test?
A. No. Any person who is under 18 years of age doesn’t need to sit for the test. If you have children below 18 years, you can make an application on their behalf.
Moreover, if you’re over 65 years old or you have a long-term mental or physical condition, you can be exempted from taking the test. Although, if you’re mentally or physically disabled, you must have a letter from the doctor to back it up that your condition makes it extremely difficult for you to take the test.

Q. What Happens if I Fail the Citizenship Test?
A. If you fail the citizenship test, you have an option to re-sit the exam. However, you won’t be refunded the test fees and you must wait for 7 days before you can book another test. There is no limit for re-sitting the U.K citizenship test and you can retry until you’re successful.

Q. What Happens if I Pass Life in the U.K Test?
A. After you pass the Life in the U.K test, you will be given a qualification certificate. The certificate doesn’t have an expiry date and you can use it to complete your naturalization application. Once your request is approved by the U.K Home Office, you will receive an invitation to attend a citizenship ceremony where you will be declared a U.K citizen.