The test encompasses 24 questions that have to be answered in 45 minutes. It is computer-based, and it’s in English. The life in the UK test questions have muliple choices format. For you to pass the test, you must get at least 75% of the answers correct. Meaning you must score 18 out of the 24 questions.

The values and principles of the UK

A citizen of the UK should look after…?

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The UK offers freedom of belief and religion to...?

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When you pledge to become a British citizen, you pledge to do what with regard to rights and freedoms?

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To become a citizen of the UK, you need to speak and read…?

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A citizen of the UK respects others' rights to their own…?

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The UK views new migrants who want to make a positive contribution to society as…?

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British society only tolerates extremism in what circumstances?

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When you pledge to become a British citizen, you pledge the UK your...?

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When you pledge to become a new citizen of the UK, what do you promise regarding its laws?

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The right of a fair trial is offered to…?

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In the citizenship pledge, you promise to do what regarding the UK's democratic values?

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Citizens of the UK should treat each other with…?

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Which of these is not a fundamental principle of British life?

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The Life in the UK Test Questions: Common Q & A You Should Know

The United Kingdom has made immense contributions to the world economy, especially in the fields of technology and industrialisation. It’s for this reason that many people from all over the world have desired to move to this beautiful country as citizens. Whether you want to move to the UK to start a family or to work, here are common Q&As about acquiring British citizenship you need to know.

life in the uk test questions

What are the immigration routes for British Citizenship registration?

Depending on your circumstances, you can apply for British citizenship through several routes as follow:

  • Citizenship by Birth or Descent: You are automatically recognized as a British national if you were born in the UK.
  • British Citizenship by Marriage: You can apply for British nationality as a civil partner or spouse of a UK citizen.
  • 5-year route: After being in the UK for five years, you can apply for permanent residence or Indefinite Leave to Remain status. After 12 more months, you can submit your application for British citizenship. The same case applies to EEA and EU citizens through the EU Settled Scheme.
  • The “Stateless” individuals: If you aren’t recognized as a citizen of any country, you can apply for British citizenship. Your eligibility and application process will depend on the country you were born in.
  • Renounced Nationality: If you had given up your British Citizenship, you could be allowed to resume your status.