Tips & Advice on Preparing for the British Citizenship Test

You will need to get 18 out of 25 questions right when you take the British Citizenship test. This means if you get at least eight mistakes, then you fail the test and you will be doomed to repeat it. It is now time to study as hard as you can, as every item in the test matters. Here are a few tips for preparing for the British Citizenship test:

Take Lots of Practice Tests

Believe it or not, the practice tests are harder than the actual test. As a result, better answer as many practice tests as possible. You can also try this UK citizenship practice test. We all know practice is perfect, and you can very well identify your strengths and weaknesses by answering these tests. Don’t forget to time yourself, as there will be a time limit during the actual test. It would be a splendid idea to ask other people who took the test in the past so you can ask them about the questions that were given to them. Of course, be sure to return the favour by treating them to a coffee, especially when you manage to ace the exam due to the advice that they gave. If you’re lucky, they will give you an idea of the questions asked in the exam.

Tips To Pass UK Test

Don’t Cheat

Even if you look at the answers of your seatmate, it would be useless since everyone is given a different set of questions. Each exam has questions selected from a huge database of questions. Hence, better be confident of your own abilities. If you were able to pass the test cleanly all by yourself, then you will be extremely happy with the result. Besides, you won’t do your conscience a favour if you cheat and manage to get away with it. As they say, cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. If you were able to prepare for the British Citizenship Test then there is no need to cheat.

Take your Time

You are given ample time to answer all of the questions and it should be enough time to answer all of them. As a matter of fact, this is not the time to hurry up the exam and try to get out of there as early as possible. Besides, you won’t win anything if you manage to be the first one to finish the exam. There will be some questions that will sound confusing at first but you will realize in due time that you encountered the question at some point in the past. There is no harm in taking advantage of the entire time given to you. They assigned that duration for a reason. Besides, they could be taken a look at how other examinees fared in the past. If it was too short, then it is possible some were not able to finish the test.

Don’t Panic

You don’t have to get all the answers correct in this exam. Besides, not everyone gets them correctly anyway. You will rarely encounter a person who wants to get everything right in the British Citizenship Test. That does not mean you can skip some numbers, though as you would want to do your best in each question. Other people panic at the wrong time like when there is just a few minutes before the test. You should just treat it like any other day. Besides, nobody would judge you when you don’t get enough questions right. You should just proceed with your life and see what your next goals are.

Review your English vocabulary

Trust us, and there will be plenty of deep English words in the British Citizenship test, so better review your English vocabulary. There are a few words that you probably encountered once or even twice in the past, and you did not know what you needed to do with it. Besides, that is just the main point of taking a test. Along the way, you’re going to learn a whole lot of things, and you will feel a bit excited.

Finish the Study Guide

No matter how long the study guide seems to be, you must give it a shot and finish the entire thing. In fact, you must start it as early as possible so that you would get a glimpse of what will appear in the test. You can’t answer practice tests and ignore the study guide. It would be best to tackle both of them so you will have a huge chance of passing the British Citizenship test. The study guide is there for a reason so you can’t afford to skip it.

Search for Partners

As they say, group study is always the best way to go. Besides, you’d want to learn plenty of things together with a friend or two. In fact, you can even make new friends when you search for online friends that will motivate you, especially when there are just a few days before the test. When that is the case, you can’t blame yourself for being a bit too nervous. It is now or never so you should fully use the time you have left. It can even be possible to have a group study online so you won’t have to leave your place. You can all share your knowledge with each other, and you will all be doing the other people in the group a huge favour.

Avoid Being Overconfident

Even if you think you are prepared for the British Citizenship Test, it won’t be too smart to be a bit overprepared for it. Besides, you’d want nothing more than to stay humble and let everyone praise you when the results come out. Remember to always use English no matter when you are talking to your family over the phone or posting stuff online. Even if English is not your first language, this can be a good way to kick it off and see what would happen from there. We all know how nothing good ever happens to those who are overconfident.